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Organise an AMPS course

In order for an AMPS course to run successfully for the participants, teaching faculty, and course sponsors, we have very specific guidelines which all courses must follow.

The most critical elements include:

  • A classroom which is large enough to comfortably seat 40 people at tables and chairs
  • A classroom with up-to-date large-screen computer projection equipment, including DVD with a good sound/speaker system
  • Internet connection in the room
  • Catering facilities on the premises or near by
  • On-site assistance during the course for supply of materials
  • On-site assistance in arranging for a person to be observed during an AMPS assessment (live case) during the course

AMPS courses are 5 full days in duration:

  • They can be organised by any appropriate organisation such as an occupational therapy service, a community organisation or a university
  • Open to any registered occupational therapist or occupational therapy student
  • Maximum of 40 places (no minimum)
  • Require TWO certified AMPS faculty to facilitate the course (regardless of numbers attending)
  • AMPS UK & Ireland organises the teaching faculty, and the delivery of course materials prior to the start of the course
  • The course organisers provide the venue and teaching facilities, including audio visual aids and refreshments.They are also responsible for course advertising, booking of places and administration.

All AMPS courses are organised through AMPS UK and Ireland. If you are interested in organising a course please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.