school amps course materials


Materials required for a School AMPS Course


School AMPS manual: One printed copy of the School AMPS manual will be supplied to each course participant on the first day of the course and a licensed copy of OTAP software

The School AMPS (OTAP) computer-scoring software converts a student's raw scores for two or more schoolwork tasks into linear ability measures, while simultaneously adjusting those ability measures for the challenge of the tasks and the severity of the examiner who scored the student's performance. Resulting measures are a quantitative representation of a student's overall ability to perform schoolwork tasks. On completion of the 5-day School AMPS course an individual license key will be supplied for each participant to download their own personal copy of the School AMPS/OTAP software.

In preparation for the course participants should download the materials specified in the following list then print the required number of sheets and bring them to the course. In addition, participants should read chapters 1 and 3 of the School AMPS manual before the first day of the course.

The following materials are required for a School AMPS training course:

  • Course handouts
  • Score form (please print 15 score forms)
  • Evaluation worksheet (please print 8 worksheets)
  • AMPS manual (as noted above, please read chapters 1 and 3 prior to the first day of the course)

All of the above course materials can be downloaded from